Wednesday, September 21, 2011

100 Literary Journals and Magazines to Submit To and How

Here are 100 journals and magazines to submit your short fiction pieces to, and how. If you're trying to find just the right kind of journal for your kind of story, this isn't the list for you. If however you feel publication like most things is primarily a numbers game and want to get your stories out to as many places as you can before death gets you with his little cold hands, well, welcome aboard, friend.

I want to note that all of these journals and magazines are in print. A separate list of legitimate online journals will follow shortly.

The journals are in order of when they accept submissions. I haven't added the tier rankings because I find that whole system pointless and elitist. That said, here are two sites that are good for that kind of thing: and

Also, if you happen, just happen, to get a rejection letter, I highly suggest stumbling over here:

Now, enjoy...