Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Roy Lichtenstein Comic Girl Comes to Life

The whole process is explained here.


Kennedy and Monroe

I am surprised this gem from the 125 rare photos of famous people that has been going around isn't getting more attention on it's own. It seems scandalous for an affair that, from what I've understood, has always been common knowledge but never proven. Even if the thing is a fake I would expect people to talk a little more about it.

Moreover though I find it a really emotional photo. The idea of the nation's most powerful man and beloved beauty, clutching each other with fear and desperation, frowning, slumped and awkward, on the ground, undignified and small.

They don't look like people madly in love, at least not anymore. They look like people and who know how weak and sad the other is, but wants to hold them all the same. There is really only the slightest sliver of a difference in those things, and I think this is a rare peek at where one ends and the other has begun.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

André Kertész

I stumbled upon a some photographs by this guy from a series called "Distortions". I absolutely love them. They are from the 1933, so I'm not exactly cutting edge with this one. Two models, Najinskaya Verackhatz and Nadia Kasine, were posed with mirrors to look, well, distorted.

.. the best part, is they appeared in a 1930's "girly magazine" called Le Sourire. The thought of men masturbating to these dripping limbs, mutated breasts, and melting faces is a bit charming.

I started to realize that he kind of ripped off Dali big time. I mean, he did this next one just two years after The Persistence of Memory. Oh well.

So long as we're talking about things that warp and distort, it turns out 180 micrograms of LSD - or a hit and a half of acid as my friend Boozehound would prefer I say - is a very uncomfortable amount for me. Lesson learned.

I also checked out Andre's later work. I really like this one from New York, 1959.

I can't explain exactly what, but there is something great about the midget being nearly on the sidelines.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Gothic

So Grant Wood used his sister Nan and his dentist, Dr. Byron McKeeby, as the models for his unsettling and wonderful painting.

And here they are standing next to it, which is even more unsettling. And wonderful.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Top 12 Goth Girl Characters.

Much like my last list, this one has some personal relevance for me. I have what Bear refers to as 'goth face'. No matter what I do or don't do, wear or don't wear, I look like a goth to some degree. Hence, when I see a really great gothy character, I get excited.

So. Here's a top 12.

1. Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice, played by Winona Ryder

I worshipped this character as a kid. Well, her and Jessica Rabbit. One I someday came to be a bit like, the other, not so much.

2. ‘Jane Lane’ from Daria

I am very aware that the Daria show had it’s own actual Goth character on it, but she sucked. Jane however was amazing. I always liked her better than Daria.

3. ‘Jane Margolis’ on Breaking Bad, played by Krysten Ritter

What is it with the gothic girls named Jane? By the way, if you don’t watch Breaking Bad, you’re making a huge mistake.

4. Nancy Downs from The Craft, played by Fairuza Balk

I really wanted powers after this came out. And by powers, I do mean Skeet Ulrich.

5. Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family, played by Christina Ricci

Two people have told me I remind them of her. I think both of them were trying to insult me. Massive fail.

6. Cassandra in Saved!, played by Eva Amurri

Here she is being all in love with Macauly Culkin because he’s in a wheelchair, since us gothy girls are all into sad shit like that.

7. “Cure Girl” played by Madeline Blue in Wet Hot American Summer

This girl only has a few lines but I mean come on. Adorable.

8. ‘April Ludgate’ played by Aubrey Plaza on Parks and Recreation

Alright, so I have in fact only seen one episode ever of Parks and Recreation. But this character is what inspired this list, so I think it counts.

9. ‘Creepy Susie’ from The Oblongs

A morbid chick with a French accent who sets fires. She also seems to be well read.

10. ‘Cat Woman’ in Batman, played by Michele Pfieffer

All of the.. are they Cat Women? Well, they’re all pretty great, but the Michele Pfieffer version seems a whole lot more S&M than the rest.

11. ‘Marla Singer’ in Fight Club, played by Helena Bonham

I remember how excited I was to see Helena Bonham play this new grungry-sexy sort of female lead. But now she, her hubby Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp are all ruining each other and need to be separated by the state. Please.

12. ‘Allison Reynolds’ in The Breakfast Club, played by Ally Sheedy

Sure, she’s horribly depressed, not too witty, has no true fashion to her, and completely cops out at the end, but, sadly, that’s more the fate of the high school goth than the fantasy of Jane Lane. Well, for yours truly at least.

Who am I kidding. Even in pink, I still look like a goth.

This last one isn’t a girl but too adorable to leave out.

Sigmund Marvin, played by Charlie Korsmo, from What About Bob

This was a family favorite of mine growing up. Siggy is insanely cute.

Sunday, January 10, 2010