Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Human nature is the most love-able when it's in dead stuff

There is something about the personification of objects that really make me smile. When I was a little kid I would imagine that everything had it's own personality and resulting emotional states. I know that most kids did this, but I'm pretty sure I did it more. For instance, I was so bad and bored with math that every number, one through nine, had it's own gender and enough of an individual identity for me to create a very dorky drama for myself when the numbers would "meet" each other through addition, subtraction, etc. Five and six were in love; he was a gentle romantic and she was silly but a little shy. Nine was a complete bitch. In retrospect, I'm pretty sure I was basing their personalities on how easy the times-table for it was.

Anyway, now as a big bad adult what brightens my day are these adorable dead flies.

It's just them posed on little doodles to make it look like they're doing something, but, somehow, you have to giggle.

Now that I've gotten so into personifying objects, let's objectify a person.

What? You were expecting a sexual object?

I love this photo. The girl herself isn't even recognizable to her own mother, but the emotion of that moment is. I found it here, apparently she's a Bavarian dancer, celebrating the creation of a democratic Germany after the war.

Oh, by the way, the self aware eggs up top are here, and there are plenty more where that one came from. They are wonderful.

Well, I guess this is my version of a feel-good sort of a post. Happy anthropomophizing.

Friday, November 13, 2009

defeat by solipsism

Someday, I will write an actual blog entry. Vulnerable, raw, true, and inevitably embarrasing. In the meantime though, I am totally continuing to hide behind my nihilism.