Thursday, December 10, 2009

13 Hottest Women of our Times with Small Breasts

I am compelled to write this list as both a skinny chick with tiny tits and as a die hard fan of breasts in general. Don't get me wrong, some of the sexiest women on earth also have huge breasts, but, this is an homage to insanely hot women who flaunt a-cups and drive men (and me) crazy while they do it.

#1 Olivia Wilde

As of 2009, this hot, hot, hot bitch with tits way smaller than yours or mine is ranked #1 on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100. Do any House fans remember the good doctor calling her the hottest woman in the world? Well.

Oh right. And then a prince married her. Seriously.

#2 Kiera Knightly

Sexiest Woman in the World according to FHM, 2004. Honestly, I found so many ‘Sexiest of..’ lists for this girl that it was unbelievable, including #9 on Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2004 as well. And the year earlier had been cast in Pirates of the Caribbean as the best candidate to match the hotness of, oh, Johnny Depp. Mmmff.

#3 Natalie Portman

One of Life magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2002. Not to mention she’s basically everywhere all the time now.

My favorite thing about this waifish beauty though has more to do with an insanely handsome blue eyed, blonde haired, tall and muscled housemate I had in college. This perfectly chiseled porn-loving beer-drinking quintessential ‘dude’ used to always tell me to grow some tits when we’d joke around. And he wanted to ravage Natalie Portman’s petite frame until there was nothing left. (I ended up finding out a few years after college that Ms. Portman was not missing out on much, but I digress..)

#4 Kate Hudson

She won an oscar for Almost Famous where she played the girl Billy Crudup couldn’t stop fucking and a teenage boy became obsessed with in a way that made me uncomfortable.

Furthermore, didn’t Owen Wilson try to kill himself for her?

#5 Paris Hilton

Sure, she’s a famous heiress who has, possibly, pushed the feminist cause back a number of years. But what can I say, I think she’s sexy. And according to millions of internet nerds and, well, every guy I’ve ever spoken with, I’m not alone. I think my favorite line about her was actually from a client of mine – ‘she has those perfect champagne glass shaped ones…’

#6 Gywneth Paltrow

Bla bla bla, she won an Oscar, but come on, this woman was engaged to Brad Pitt. Period. Which brings us onto our next winner.

#7 Cate Blanchett

Not once, but twice now she has been cast as the sexy love interest/wife of Mr. Brad Pitt. But mostly, I dig her from Notes on a Scandal. Kill me, but it was kind of a hot movie.

#8 Katrina Bowden

Uh, yea. You know the woman from 30 Rock whose entire character is being the sexiest woman in the entire world?

#9 Gwen Stefani

I remember the fateful day in highschool when I heard on the radio that my one rockstar crush, Gavin Rossdale, was apparently set to marry this girl with what I considered a stupid band with a stupid name. Yes, I thought this while being a huge fan of Bush. I have no excuse. The point is, as silly as it all was, at 14 I was filled with jealousy over this woman for being with the dreamboat who had totally looked in my vague direction when daddy got me tickets for his concert. Well, well, well.. it looks like Gwen and I were packing the same set all along…

#10 Julia Stiles

One of People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in 2001. Moreso I got a little crush on her when as a teenager.

#11 Milla Jovovich

My boyfriend in college had her on his desktop. He and every other man who saw The 5th Element.

#12 Charlize Theron

I was shocked when I saw this photo. Maybe it was because of all the extra weight in Monster, but I’ve always thought that Charlize had one of those Selma Hayek body types. Other than Monster, has this woman ever played anyone other than OMFG THE HOTTEST WOMAN ON EARTH?

I miss Arrested Development :(

#13 Zoe Saldana

This women is apparently up and coming since being in Pirates of the Caribbean, but mostly, when I saw this photo, I just had to save it. I mean... gorgeous.

Ok, so even though these two aren't really 'of the times', I couldn't help but add them in...

Kate Moss

Thank you Johnny Depp, for falling so head over heels for her back in the silicone obsessed 90's, so that I knew there were gorgeous men for the rest of us.

Michele Pfieffer
Two words: scar. face.

Carry on.


  1. thank god for these women, there is hope for us small breasted folk after all.


    1. Hi. Some of us guys like small tits.anymore is just a waste. Hang in there gf. Bob

    2. i happen to love small breasted wemon. there is much hope for you :)

    3. And more than hope, you beautifully endowed small breasted women are already there, right now in this moment. Hope no more, just be.

      My buddies and I just love you all to pieces and are knocked out by the erotic thought of your perfect small breasts brushing beneath your blouses, forming those marvelous mysterious peaks we so love to kiss and caress. You are beautiful. Smile. Live. Be proud of who you are.

  2. thank you for this awesome site!! Let's get it more public. That would be great!! Let's get the rest of the world back to natural breasts!

  3. Very sexy them little boobies! Love them!

  4. Hey thank you for this site. Honestly for men who think small breasts are not sexy. They should watch this space. I feel pretty and sexy. Go go go!


  6. give me a mouthful or a handful

  7. Small boobs make me hard

  8. I don't feel comfortable in my own body coz of my small boobs, but i respect these women for being comfortable in their bodies

    1. You'll grow to love your body especially if you keep the rest of you nice:)

  9. You May not feel comfortable in your body because of your small boobs but I'll bet plenty of guys would like to see how comfortable being in your body feels!

  10. Women with small boobs are just so, so HOT!

  11. Guys who judge girls by the size of their breast are so cheap, the same as all these cheap shit they like to watch, with plastic globes attached to their bodies!
    Girls, lets keep our spirits high and continue to love ourselves the way we are!

  12. I am going to have to swim with my boyfriend. I am too scared he will not like my almost not exist breasts :(

    1. when you come up from the water and you have those pointy, perky, tiny hard nipples that small breasts are known for, he'll go wild. trust me.

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  16. I hope it's not considered skeezy for a guy to comment here, but I'd just like to say "hurrah!" for this page. And "boo" to all the adds in the comment section. Truly, though, I think that attractiveness is a lot about how one carries oneself--individual physical attributes are less important than synergy and attitude. Kudos to this page for getting that :)

  17. As a woman with small breasts who just decided not to get a boob job because it would mean trading sensation for bigger size, i'm thrilled to see this site. THANK YOU.

  18. Nothing wrong with small breasts. As a guy the nipples are most endearing.

  19. Small breasted women are just sexier, period. I HATE big boobs. Guitar Bob

  20. I respect you.It takes someone brave to admit it because I could'nt

  21. I prefer smaller boobs as they are always perfect perky and have awesome nipples...big boob look good in the shirt but usually have huge aereolas that i personally find unattractive and they are usually saggy and lopsided ...harf to find a nice pair of big boobs but I have yet to find a pair of little tits that were less than perfect

  22. this guy has always liked small breasts. Culture is not always worth following. Don't desire men who judge women by physical assets determined by a bankrupt culture. You are desirable and there are men for you.

  23. Feels good to know I'm not alone

  24. Small boobs are perfect